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In this song written by Domhnall Meirgeach Mac ConMara, a native of County Mayo, the poet, who is working in Munster, asks the South Wind to send his best wishes to all he loves in Connacht.
The South Wind replies vowing to dispel the poet's woe and promises to deliver the greeting with joy.
To complete the song, the poet praises the people of Munster, describing how well he is being treated, acknowledging however, that, given the chance, he would gladly return home.

from Binneas. Blaiseadh beag., track released August 18, 2019
Arrangement: Anita Bennis.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Talty at Raelach Studios, Lissycasey, Co.Clare.


Véarsa 1:

"A Ghaoth andeas na mbraon mbog glas,
A ní gach faithe féarmhar,
Bheir iasg ar eas is grian i dteas,
Is líon is meas ar ghéagaibh,
Más síos ar fad mar mbínn fein seal
Is mianach leat-sa séide,
Cuirim Rí na bhFeart dhod chaomhaint ar neart,
'S túir don tír sin blas mo bhéil-se!"