"Scoth an cheoltóra, thar-a-bheith binn, milis, saibhir agus an-phaiteannta…le neart athraithe nádúrtha san ornáidíocht. Go hálainn amach ‘s amach.

Great traditional style…Not every instrumental master would have retained the control or consistent and masterful execution of great variation in ornamentation. Truly natural.

Meaití Jó Sheámuis, Moltóir,  Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, 2004

Anita Bennis is an Irish Traditional music artist, best known for her whistling, fiddle-playing and piano accompaniment. This, her debut album, opens a window into music of years gone by when whistlers would sometimes have provided the music for dancers at traditional house-dances in Ireland. 
She has also included on this album, one of her compositions, most of which are inspired by people she meets along her musical journey. 

released August 18, 2019.


Whistling, fiddle and vocals: Anita Bennis. 
Piano accompaniment: Jack Talty. 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Talty at Raelach Studios, Lissycasey, Co.Clare. 
Photography: Bridie Murphy Photography. 

all rights reserved


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