Are you...

  •   a singer or a musician who would like to use your whistling talents to add a special touch to your performance?
  •   a whistler with lots of music in your head, who never considered whistling as an instrument for performance?
  •  a whistler who would like to develop their craft?  

Or ...

Maybe you never considered whistling as a real performance instrument. 

        Back in the day when whistling was commonplace, this low-cost and natural instrument was very familiar, and didn't always get the respect it deserved. With whistling less prevalent nowadays, it has come into its own as a performance instrument, worthy of an audience.

 Maybe you never focused on honing your skills.

       If your tone deteriorates as you whistle or if you need to interrupt the tune to take a breath; it can make you shy about whistling in public. There are simple remedies for these annoyances. You just haven't discovered them yet.

Maybe you find that some tunes are too high and some tunes are too low, or maybe there are parts of them that are difficult to whistle?

       As with any instrument, there are some tunes that are more accessible than others. Maybe you are choosing tunes that are awkward to whistle.

Maybe, you find that you end up whistling the same thing over and over again, often subconsciously.

      A lot of us regularly whistle subconsciously, but with a few added niceties of variations and ornamentation, this practice can be elevated and used to entertain and bring joy to those around us.



Hi, I'm Anita 

I've been whistling from a very young age, and I have developed and taught myself many whistling skills. 
I have gleaned tips and tricks from singing teachers and from my experience of playing a number of different musical instruments.  
I have also discovered, through whistling, skills and strategies which I use to enhance my whistling performances. 

For the past 25 years,  I have been collecting traditional Irish dance-tunes with specific attributes that make them conducive to whistling. I have a bank of tunes waiting for whistlers of all levels. 

Utilizing my 30 years of teaching experience, I have designed a course to teach the skills of whistling in a graded systematic way.

With a focus on performance, I can help you take your whistling skills from the subconscious to the stage. 

What if, instead of whistling subconsciously, you decided to actively work on your hidden talent and use your natural instrument to showcase your musicality?  

Simple things like improving your tone and breath-control can mean you get a lot more enjoyment from whistling. 

Having a collection of tunes to suit your skill-level and range, and knowing how to spot new tunes to add to this collection will mean that you will have plenty of material whistle which you can whistle comfortably. 

By developing your whistling skills, in a step-by-step progressive way, beginning where you are right now, you can begin a unique journey and express your musicality your way.  

Over the 6 weeks you will receive:   

  • 6 (1 hour) one-to-one online whistling lessons, with me, including recordings of all or parts of these lessons, (you can choose whichever works best for you).  
  • Free password-protected access to '' app where all lesson materials, including your recordings are stored.   
  • One-to-one chat available through Muzie app between classes.   
  • Pre-recorded videos of all of the graded whistling-skills, examples of their use and detailed explanations of how I learned and developed them, regardless of your current level. These skills include breathing-techniques, various types of ornamentation and performance skills.  
  • Lifetime access to the course, your videos, your recorded lessons, clips of lessons, and any materials we use during the lessons.

Course outline:  

You will receive 4 tunes:   

chosen by me for you, to suit your range, current ability and goals. These will be delivered in the form of audio recordings and staff-notation. (written in the key instrumentalists usually play it in). You will also get audio teaching tracks of all 4 tunes, slowly teaching the tune phrase-by-phrase as is common in the oral tradition, to use as a learning aid as you go about your day.  

You will choose 2 of these tunes  
to focus your learning on as you develop and practise new skills.  

Together we will choose 1 tune 
 to polish, as you focus on your performance skills, as well as adding variations and ornamentation in a systematic way to ready the tune for presentation to an audience.

Cost:  The full cost of the 6 week course is €237. This can be paid in full at the beginning or in three fortnightly instalments of €85. 

 Because I understand the importance of every educational investment, the next step in the enrolment process is to book a free call with me to make sure the course is a perfect fit for you, and that you get a chance to have your questions answered.

Enrolment closed.

The current course has already started.
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